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Essential Digital marketing tools every marketer should know

Digital marketing is promoting a product via digital channels. Most cities worldwide have access to the internet these days, and businesses need to market their product to potential customers that live in those areas. The market is very competitive nowadays, so to get ahead of your opponents, you will have to use some essential digital marketing tools currently available today.

Marketers in today’s climate will have to use good marketing tools available to them to save time and keep their mental health in check. These tools will help you get through data quickly and fine-tune your social presence. Now that you understand what digital marketing tools are let’s get into some essential tools you would have to choose.

Essential Digital Marketing tools

The list of essential digital marketing tools every marketer should know how to use is as follows:

Organic social media tools

Social media has become a very important part of the lives of most people. And companies and businesses must use these sites to reel in new customers. That’s why social media marketing tools have become very important in recent years. There are many social media marketing tools available in the market today, there are some free ones, and then there are some paid ones.

Some free ones are Sprout Social, Wyng, and Woobox. Some paid ones are Nanigans, Facebook’s power editor, and Twitter native platform. These social media marketing tools make it easier for you to interact with your customers and followers online daily. And they also help you segregate your data accordingly. 

Email marketing tools

We have been using email since the 1980s; in hindsight that is crazy to think about because it still plays a pretty major role in a professional environment. With the number of people using also increasing daily, businesses must capitalize on it. Some email marketing tools are HubSpot email marketing, MailChimp, Marketo, and GetResponse. These tools help marketers and businesses to send emails at a rapid rate to potential customers. Not only that, but it also helps them identify and manage potential customers and clients. They also help them understand the interest of the customer shows to the company.

Display retargeting tools

These are tools that are mostly used by shopping websites. Have you ever looked at a website and then left it without actually buying something from it; these websites use these tools to send you targeted ads. These tools will send you ads from the previous websites you have visited if you are on a site. Some display retargeting tools are AdRoll and ReTargeter. Tools like this help to keep your brand in the customer’s mind at all times.

Website Analytics tools

Almost every digital marketing tool out in the market gives us analytics about the various customers and clicks. But website analytics tools are very important; they tell us about the clicks and conversions we get on our websites. Some website analytics tools are Kissmetrics, Adobe Analytics, Woopra, and Google analytics. These tools help you understand all the customer interaction you got, helps you manage the clicks you go to, help you understand the types of visitors you get on your website and respond to your customers in real-time.

Search Engine Optimization tools

In digital marketing, SEO is where most digital marketers need help. SEO has several moving parts that a single digital marketing team may not be able to handle. But what’s great for digital marketing teams nowadays is that they have many SEO marketing tools they can choose from. Some types of SEO tools are Moz, SEMRush, and ScreamingFrog. These help you fix your website page and help you fix the redirect links you have on your site. These help you monitor the ranking of your website and give you a full analysis of your website.

Affilate Maarketing tools

Affiliate marketing tools is allowing others to sell products of your brand on your behalf. In turn, the company and business have to give them a percentage of the sale. Some affiliate marketing tools that can help a business are CJ Affiliate, VigLink, and Rakuten Affiliate network. These tools help you form great relationships with your partners; it also makes it much easier for the partners to communicate through. These tools will help you to generate more sales over time. 

Customer Service tools 

Companies these days have to provide the best customer service they can provide because customers can easily switch to other networks for the same service. Hence, companies must take customer service very seriously. Some tools that can help them out with these are Zendesk, UserVoice Helpdesk, and Live Chat. 

These tools help you manage these customer complaints. Accordingly, they help you answer the queries and questions customers may have effectively.


Some other tools are Content Curation Tools, Website Testing tools, Programmatic Advertising tools, and Video hosting tools. Many tools can help you run a business effectively, without any problems. All you need to do is choose the right tools that you need to use and keep doing what you do best.

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