Delegation is an essential element of management. Every one of us delegates the task to reduce our responsibility and increase employee accountability. It is one of the core concepts of core management leadership. It is defined as assigning duties or duties to another person. While delegating tasks, the leader must ensure to give appropriate authority to the person too.

Effective delegation is considered to be ‘An Art.’ This course offered by CourseEx will cater to the ultimate need why you need to master the art of delegating effectively.

In today’s competitive world, delegation is rapidly becoming an essential soft skill across workplaces, and managers across all levels are feeling the need for this. And we all know, being a manager, you can’t micromanage! For the simple reason, effective delegation helps all teams of an organization achieve desired results in a much faster, better, and easy way. So if you are an aspiring manager or already an established one, then it is crucial to have all delegation skills as you require them more often than not, as you scale up in the organization chart.

In this course, we will cover:

1. Concept of delegation

2. Difficulties to delegate

3. Levels of Delegation

4. Steps in the delegation

5. Consequences of poor delegation

6. What can and can’t be delegated

7. Effective Delegation tips

8. Case study on Effective delegation


This course comes with a flexible deadline, and it’s 100% online, so irrespective of your age or gender, you can learn to be resilient anytime and anywhere with this time-tested course offered by CourseEx. Enroll today and excel in your life!


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