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3 Common Sales Mistakes That Is Killing Your Sales

Choosing a career in Sales can be rewarding if you can manage your foot on the right path. To ace this job, you need to have some inmate characteristics called sales DNA, which will help you win every deal. So let’s talk about few deadly sales mistakes that you should avoid today!

Not talking about the problem-solving abilities of the product

It is very important to understand why people buy products from you. We also need to understand why and how they agree to purchase and try your product. 

We must realize and understand that prospects and clients want a product that can solve their problems. Regarding the information about their problem, they either knew it earlier or someone, especially you made them aware of it. You need to make them aware that your product can become the best solution to their problems and make things easier for them. 

It is important to come up with a solution when it comes to getting a sale. If you endorse prospects and clients with multiple solutions that your services offer at the same time, then your customers and clients will understand and realize that your product is the most cost-effective and it is the best solution that is available to them. 

But these days, salespeople need to be more careful because buyers of current times are more informed and discerning. In B2B businesses, buyers come with proper research about features of the services before they make their initial or first contact with the salesperson belonging to that service providing businesses. As per research, buyers at 57% of their decisions before getting into the touch of a sales representative. 

Prospects, clients, or customers gather information from different sources like social media, internet search, reviews and other forms of customer feedback, trade magazines, and other media, products peer use, in-store demo, and various other sources that are available both online and offline to gather information about the brand and service providing businesses. 

Lack of knowledge about the time of closing of sales

Not every buyer you meet may say yes to you. But, in this course of time, salespeople should strive for approximate buying moments. 

In other words, people working in sales must understand that buyers undergo a process while buying, the same like sales professionals go through. As a salesperson, your aim and objective should always be to navigate and understand the situations and conditions around the world and also within the buyers so that the processes of buying and selling, both together, can line up with each other so that the whole transaction gets a smooth close with a positive outcome for all parties.

This is the ideal procedure to follow as a salesperson, and sales professionals will agree and admit the fact that sometimes they fail to line up things properly and also in a neat manner which it is supposed to be. There are few areas where misalignment often happens. But, at last, it is the seller who has to take both responsibility and accountability for everything that happens. 

While dealing with the buyers as sales professionals always look out for buyers signals who are genuinely interested in your services and want to purchase and use your services. Signals like the relaxed tone of voice, constant agreement towards your points, asking for calculations, asking for further inquiries related to the details of the services, asking or requesting for a repeated demonstration, and requesting for customization options, delivery details, and payment programs and options. 

One of the biggest sales mistakes you as salespeople do is, you often fail to pay attention to such signals. In such cases, where prospects and clients show genuine interests, the conversation should be simple and clear-cut without any wastage of time and long speeches. You must close the sale once they agree to purchase your services. 

Lack of plan for follow-ups

You, as a salesperson, have successfully managed and established to make your first contact, and it looks like they are even interested to purchase and use your services further. But they still did not purchase services from you. Guess why?

This is because you forgot to follow up with them. Always follow up with your clients and prospects with whoever purchases or shows interest in your services. 

It is the most common sales mistakes that most sales professionals fail to follow this step or process in most sales departments. Sales is not an activity that is performed once easily, and everything is completed and closed. Outstanding sales professionals will follow a proper process which will bring them closed deals. Follow-ups are the most crucial part of sales.

In the lead nurturing process, staying in touch with the prospects and clients regularly is crucial for sales closure. It very rarely happens that sales professionals get a chance to close deals in a single contact. According to Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Rule of Seven, it normally takes a sales professional seven touches to make an order for service for close. Some even take more touches for the same for the qualification of the lead. 

So, it is important to have a priority plan for follow-ups before you go for making a sale or deal. 

Hope this blog helps you in avoiding those common sales mistakes. Also Read: 5 Key Components to create a sales-ready team

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